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Online Test NATA | JEE Paper 2

We have online test series for NATA & JEE Paper 2 aspiring stuents for testing there level of preparation for this exams. 

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NATA Year-Wise test

NATA Aptitude Series - by neram

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Neram Mock test series

Practice Test


Set 1 


  1. Questions for practice a renowned Indian mobile service company wants to redesign their logo. Draw a logo for them so that it attracts customers of all age groups. Color it appropriately.
  2.  Assume your size is 5cm. It is raining. Kids are playing with paper boats in puddles. You are sitting on the boat and enjoying the ride. The kids are laughing at you. Draw what you see! 
  3. Compose and sketch a sculpture from 4 cubes. But some cubes are opaque and some transparent. Give light and shadow. 
  4. Create a logo for a motor-cycle company 
  5. Create a mural for a drama theater lobby. (proportions: 10 meter long and 2 meter high). 

Set 2  


  1. Design a bed sheet for a children’s bedroom using basic geometric shapes. Each shape can be used only twice and maximum 4 colors. 
  2. Draw a 3 d composition of 3 books, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pair of specs, 1 drinking glass and 1 alarm clock. 
  3. Imagine You are a fish and you are in an aquarium with your fish friends. Draw a n attractive sketch. 
  4. Make an interesting 2d composition with 5 playing cards using three colors only. 
  5. You are looking out of a window. It is a normal window with a wooden panel and horizontal bars (grills). You can see a playground with play equipment and some children playing beyond that. There is a small building and a hospital after that. Draw your view using your imagination. 

Set 3 


  1. You are visiting a mall where there are food stalls. You are enjoying your cold drink and the mall has an open roof. 
  2. You have 4 cubes interlinked to each other. Some are opaque. Some are transparent. Draw a stable structure. Showing the effect of light and also draw the shades and shadows. 
  3. You have six automobile tires. Arrange them and form a visually attractive sculpture, viewing from one angle and light is coming from the other angle. Show shadow and lightning effect. 
  4. You have three balls, a bat, stumps, and a cap. Make a dimension stable arrangement and show the effect of light

Set 4


  1. in memory draw your school and its surrounding
  2. Make a beautiful design for a male shirting material
  3. Sketch a Room in cctv camera view
  4. draw a curtain for girls room and color it
  5. Question: Remember your 1st day of school, you are holding your mother/father’s hands you can see some children had already come and are happy while some are crying. Draw a pencil sketch what you would see.
  6. Draw a Village Scenery
  7. Smoking Kills
  8. Don’t drink and drive
  9. Avoid Plastics

JEE PAPER-2 Chapter-Wise Aptitude

JEE B Arch Drawing tests


  1. Arrange 2 books and 1 geometry box along a wall and show shade and shadow.
  2. Arrange 4 wooden logs, 5 bricks, 6 balls and show shade and shadow.
  3. You are an examiner in a class room and test is going on draw the view.
  4. Design a t-shirt on the topic of save plants.
  5. You are a bird and you are flying above a city, draw the view.
  6. Imagine you are sitting on a merry go round, draw the view.
  7. Design a signage depicting train station nearby.

JEE B Arch 2019 Drawing 


07 April 2019


  1. Students have to make something out of the cube of their own imagination. Or Question 1: Draw people sitting around a bonfire.
  2. Replicate an image of flower, as accurate as possible.
  3. Draw a class room scene in which the professor and student can be seen from behind.

08 Jan 2019


  1. Design the Curtain of a small girl’s room OR Sketch your favorite film actor OR Sketch the scene of people sitting around a bonfire. (30 marks) or Draw the face of a film star as realistic as possible.
  2. You are given a Square and you are supposed to redraw it double the size (20 marks)
  3. Draw a square with random designs using curved lines and color. (20 marks)

April 2018


  1. Draw a mirror image of the sketch on the other side of the center line
  2. Draw your home and its surroundings from your memory
  3. Draw a visually appealing design using Triangles

April 2014


  1. Draw from memory a balloon seller, Selling Balloons to group of small children.

NATA Geometric Aptitude

NATA Mathematics Chapterwise Test Series

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